About Gyroad

We are a company specializing in designing eye frames for various eyewear companies. We have many years of experience in research and development and manufacturing of various eyewear frames. In the early days, we noticed that there are no prescription glasses with smart functions on the market, so in 2017 we launched Gymroad Smart Bluetooth audio sunglasses.

At Gymroad, we strive to make smart glasses that you can trust. Our goal is to provide the best smart glasses, stylish glasses design, and the best smart experience without spending a lot of money. Gymroad smart glasses have passed FDA certification. We hope that you are completely satisfied with any merchandise purchased from Gymroad. 


Cutting-edge smartglasses with exclusive Spiral Directional Open Ear Audio Technology and Single speaker with porous sound.

Rapid 5-10 day global shipping, with free priority shipping (and return shipping) inside the USA.

Quick concierge-level customer service, dedicated to making sure you love your glasses.

Ultra-secure checkout including payment plans and cryptocurrency options.

Risk-free 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty on all our glasses.

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